Philosophy and Vision

Children in our program will be encouraged and properly assisted to meet all of their developmental goals. A full spectrum of age and developmentally appropriate activities will assist the child in reaching his or her fullest potential without feeling pressured. Positive and personal interaction will help build a foundation that combines the child’s needs and wants with the security of a safe and caring surrounding. The overall environment is one of warmth, security, respect and compassion while at the same time allowing the child to challenge his or her own curiosity. Children will experience their world through emotional, social, physical, language and cognitive development. The learning environment will consist of a variety of materials, equipment, toys and books that are both stimulating and familiar, with a curriculum based onĀ Connecticut’s Guidelines for the Development of Infant & Toddler Early Learning and The Connecticut Preschool Curriculum and Assessment Framework.

Staff members are trained and qualified, participate in professional development and educational opportunities, and strive for continuous improvement to ensure a quality program. We assess the effectiveness of our program by engaging in the reflective process and strategic planning, and through formal and informal input from staff and families.

TPDCC respects the cultural and individual diversity of all of our families. We strive to build a sense of the group as a community, bringing each child’s home culture, language and challenges into the shared culture of the Center. Respecting all children and their families so each child feels accepted, gains a sense of belonging, and feels pride in their individuality is our goal. Various tools and materials are used to experience diversity. Books, discussions and activities are incorporated into the curriculum to teach respect and appreciation for similarities and differences among people. Positive discussions about physical characteristics, cultural heritage and family structures will take place, while never stereotyping any group. Families are invited and encouraged to participate in all aspects of our program.

TPDCC is committed to serving all children, including those with disabilities. We respect the individual and strive to provide a learning environment to best serve that child. Children who have been identified through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) are assisted within our program to reach their highest potential and smoothly transition into preschool and kindergarten. Children who are not previously identified, but through a standard evaluation or observation have been found to have a source of concern, will then be referred to the appropriate collaborative agency (Birth to Three, Board of Education, Early Childhood Consultation Partnership, Wheeler Clinic). Recommendations made through any individualized plans will be used within our program and the curriculum adapted to help the child in reaching their goals.